System security to protect automobiles from black-hat hackers

Various systems such as the automobiles, buses, wrist watches, are connected to the Internet and are closely related to our lives. In the automobiles, ECU (Electronic Control Unit) related to engine control and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) ralated to advance driving support system are Indirectly connected to the Internet. Therefore, if a adversary intrudes into in-vehicle systems and attack on it, our life is threatened. Hence, it is important to consider adversaries (malware, hardware trojans, etc...) in the in-vehicle systems, consider how to preserve evidence of malware, and how to detect and prevent DoS attacks on in-vehicle networks.

Research subject

In our laboratory, we focus on threat analysis and defense methods in the in-vehicle systems (automotive network, automotive infotainment system, ECU). We actually reverse engineer the in-vehicle network to understand the viewpoint of black-hat hackers, and conduct research. Also, Unlike the general information security, the information security in in-vehicle systems needs to consider both safety and security.
Therefore, we are conducting research on methods to preserve malicious activity on in-vehicle system and to detect/prevent DoS attack on in-vehicle network take into consideration safety concerns such as the delay constraint in the in-vehicle network.